A Six-Session Virtual Course

Becoming an agent of positive transformation is the most exciting and meaningful opportunity available to us right now. The current challenges we are dealing with offer each of us the chance to “be the change” we wish to see. Our biggest evolutionary step at this time, both personally and collectively, is to transcend Victim-Tyrant consciousness. Now, at this profound moment in time, we are being invited to birth a new paradigm—one based in the power of love, rather than the love of power.

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What is the New Paradigm of the Heart?

Humanity has been locked into the paradigm of separation where the “head” has dominated the “heart”, and fear has ruled over love. In this old paradigm the heart opens and closes at the whim of negative and positive external stimuli, but in the new, the heart remains open. We are at the turning of a Great Age, and the greatest gift we can offer the world is our open and loving heart: We change the world through changing ourselves.

About the Course:

  •  Empowering the heart to heal conflicts and unify dualities
  •  Clearing fear patterning
  •  Re-framing shame and blame
  •  Forgiving life’s betrayals
  •  As you transcend your Victim-Tyrant consciousness, you truly become the change you wish to see—and you change YOUR world.

How This Course Will Help You:

  • Recognize and release the five primary patterns that keep your old paradigm locked in place: Victim, Tyrant, Rebel, Savior and Martyr
  • Stop feeling like a victim of circumstances
  • Become established in the permanently open heart
  • Strengthen your “Witness”: the neutral observer who lives in a state of deep inner peace, no matter the outer circumstances.

You will receive personal practices and practical tools that:

  • Help you discover purpose and meaning
  • Move you beyond negativity and limitation
  • Ground the spiritual principles.

This Pre-recorded Course Includes:

  • 6 Powerpoint Presentations with Brad, including one for each of the 5 patterns
  • Pre-recorded Q&A with Brad
  • Hands-on practice in The Marriage of Spirit polarity work
  • 12 Guided meditations and visualizations (2 per session)
  • An energetic transmission to help you open your heart and live in joy
  • Home Practices
  • PDF slides to download and print
  • Bonus Audio Meditations to download and keep

Session One

The New Paradigm of the Heart

The New Paradigm of the Heart lives inside each of us. In the old paradigm, the heart opens and closes with negative and positive stimuli, but in the new, the heart remains open regardless of external stimuli.

Session Two

Healing Victim Consciousness

Victim consciousness is the primary knot that prevents our spiritual evolution and holds Earth and her sentient beings back from experiencing the New Paradigm of the Heart. When you heal the Victim in yourself, you are empowered to take a quantum leap into a higher dimension—that of unconditional Love.

Session Three

Healing Tyrant Consciousness

The Victim and Tyrant have been in a polarized dance for millennia. Personally and collectively, this polarity has given us many opportunities to understand the use and misuse of power. The final lessons and unprecedented change are upon us.

We have the opportunity—right now—to move beyond the love of power into the power of love.

Session Four

Healing Rebel Consciousness

It is the Rebel who stands up to the Tyrant and refuses to comply or demands radical change.  Whether acting on this impulse—or merely fantasizing about it— indulging our Rebel patterning can feel really good! However, while the Rebel can serve us well, it can also hinder and trap us. It is therefore important to manifest its highest expression.

Session Five

Healing Savior-Martyr Consciousness

Most of us are taught from childhood to project our power onto external authority figures. We hope to be rescued, protected or validated by them. 

We are also taught to rescue and protect that which we love, and our good intentions are sometimes misplaced and unbalanced, leaving us feeling depleted, depressed and resentful. This is the patterning of the Martyr. One of the most critical—yet hidden—keys to living fully in the heart lies in healing the often-overlooked Savior and Martyr patterns.

Session Six

Forgiveness: The Key to the Heart

Through witnessing ourselves “doing” the five patterns and by employing the healing practices presented in the course, we learn to embody our own authentic power and leap into the New Paradigm of the Heart.

The key practice through this journey is cultivating unconditional love. It begins with developing tolerance and fostering compassion, and eventually leads to the ultimate tool for healing—forgiveness.

When we can forgive, we transcend Victim consciousness and enter the realms of unconditional love and the permanently opened heart.

Session One

 Learn How To:

  • Put your love into action
  • Become an agent of positive change
  • Strengthen your “Witness” 
  • Recognize and release the five limiting patterns of: Victim, Tyrant, Rebel, Savior & Martyr

Session Two

Learn How To:

  • Witness and heal personal and collective wounding 
  • Release yourself from the grip of the “deprived inner child”
  • Feel empowered as you take back your personal power and authority

Session Three

Learn How To:

  • Recognize the dance of Victim and Tyrant in your own life
  • Embrace the gift in life’s challenges
  • Take back your projections

Session Four

Learn How To:

  • Recognize the patterning of the Rebel
  • Channel the power of the Rebel constructively
  • Witness and heal any limiting patterns of the Rebel

Session Five

Learn How To:

  • Identify, witness and clear:

-The Savior pattern

-The Martyr pattern

  • Heal from burnout and compassion fatigue

Session Six

Learn How To:

  • Embody your authentic power
  • Cultivate the qualities of the heart
  • Forgive all betrayals
  • Discover the truth of your vast, eternal Being
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A spiritual teacher for over 20 years, Brad Laughlin has offered innovative ways of helping people transform consciousness and awaken during these times of great change—in particular how to keep the heart open in the face of adversity. At his events he shares a transmission of love, joy and healing energy that is uplifting and enduring.

His most recent book is Living with Enlightenment—A Journey of Love, about his 27-year life-partnership with teacher of enlightenment, Leslie Temple-Thurston. All of Brad’s books offer tools, guidance and inspiration for spiritual transformation through the teachings of non-duality.

Brad and Leslie are the co-founders of the international non-profit organization, CoreLight, which 
is dedicated to fostering outer peace through developing personal inner peace. They are also co-founders of Seeds of Light, CoreLight’s humanitarian arm, serving marginalized communities and AIDS orphans in South Africa. Brad has a bachelor's degree from Duke University.


  • I learned so much and received so many insights on the importance of getting grounded in the heart space so that I can live from it. The course nurtured me with joy, vitality and hope. It helped me remember who I really am, to understand the need of being an agent of change for the new era, and to live in the present moment with strength and purity of heart. ~Nirupa, Brazil

  • The New Paradigm of the Heart course has been life-altering for me. It transcended from being a course to becoming a new way of experiencing life, expanding my spiritual horizons and deepening into my awareness of Self. ~Eleni, Greece

  • This course is truly life-changing! It opens us to subtler layers of perception of the victim-tyrant dynamic and how to go beyond it towards a New Paradigm of the Heart. The most fundamental aspect was Brad’s very presence, he is the embodiment of the New Paradigm of the Heart; he does walk the talk. ~Ivana, Brazil

  • This profound, yet practical course sheds light on the dysfunctional roles that have become embedded in humanity over thousands of years. Brad beautifully offers this knowledge with an alternate option ... learning to live life from the heart... healing ourselves and in turn, healing the Earth. ~Ruth, USA 

  • Participating in the The New Paradigm of the Heart course was a profound and highly useful experience in my life, personally and professionally. Understanding the dance of archetypes and anchoring in the Witness has made my daily life a lot easier. Brad’s teaching is clear and wonderful. ~Ramyata, Brazil

  • This course is not just for women. Men have the divine feminine side. Transcending victim-tyrant consciousness has led to dramatic shifting in my life toward a heart-centered power of love and away from the love of power. ~Dale, USA 
  • Becoming conscious of how the victim, tyrant, savior, rebel and martyr archetypes operate, is life changing. In today's world, integrating our shadow is probably the most important thing we can do for ourselves and as a service to the collective. The course includes wonderful guided meditations, and powerful home exercises, both are helpful to integrate the teachings. ~Miriam, Norway

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